Ju-no-Kata, Go-no-Kata, Seiryoku-Zen'yo Kokumin-Taiiku-no-Kata
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lperro hat geschrieben:Yes i understand the point.
....I will really appreciate if you could provide me the description of this kata :)
to answer your question, roughly as it's late....

1) Keisu - ’numbers' or 'counting' - exercising the flexibility of the fingers of both hands

2) Tama-migaki - ball polishing - using both hands, as if polishing a large ball in front of your chest

3) Hira-ita-migaki - flat board polishing - with fingers of both hands outspread, move left to right as if polishing a large board in front of your chest

4) Tate-ita-migake - standing board polishing - with power in the fingers of both hands, move as if polishing a large vertical board standing before you

5) Ro-ashi - Scull leg - imagine standing in a boat, using your whole body, one leg forward, and scull while turning your neck left / right (note: scull is the oar on the end of a boat, so I think the motion is moving your rear leg left-right in a semi-lunge, like the kendo warmup)

6) Shiho-keri - four directions kick - see judo

7) Shiho-ate - four direction strike - see judo

8) Panpu - pump - imagine grasping the handle of a pump with both hands, move them and your hips up and down (note: I think like a deep knee bends / kettlebell lift?)

9) Kuruma-mawashi - wheel turn (also called 'o-guruma' or 'big wheel') - imagine there is a large wheel (horizontally?) mounted on a shaft, step with right foot to the left side of the wheel, then left foot to the right side of the wheel, then step back to origin. Repeat to opposite side.

:face: Sounds like Kano shihan was obsessed with ki!!

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